Frequently asked questions


Is your coconut water from concentrate?

Are there any other additives and preservatives that you use, including sugars or other sweeteners? KOH coconut is 100% coconut water and not from concentrate. KOH coconut water has no preservatives and no added sugar nor flavors. And KOH is aseptically packed immediately after cutting our coconuts, the water doesn’t sit around. So KOH tastes fresh and has no preservatives. KOH is 100% coconut water, right from the coconut.

Is your coconut water organic?

We work with 9 different farms for our coconuts and while they are not organically certified, they use the same natural and sustainable growing and harvesting methods they have been using for generations.

Where do you source your coconuts from, and are they young or mature?

Our Coconut water includes young Nam Hom and Nam Hwan coconuts from Amphawa River area in Thailand, which are very sweet and aromatic (Actually “Hwan” in Thai means “sweet” and “Hom” means “Aromatic”). Other coconut water brands may use only old coconut water that is flat tasting and requires adding sugar and flavor. The world’s finest coconuts come from Thailand’s lush tropical groves. Thai coconut makes for an excellent quality of coconut water with a natural sweet taste and smell. The world’s best “Perfume Coconuts”are in Thailand.

How do you pasteurize the coconut water? How is KOH coconut water done?

KOH uses an aseptic packing process with flash pasteurization. It is not sterilized. Aseptic means packing in a totally clean environment so preservatives and sterilization are not necessary. And flash pasteurization means that the coconut water is pasteurized very quickly, within seconds. This is similar to milk. We think that this is the best method to preserve as much of the original real coconut flavor and nutritive value as possible while providing a safe and shelf stable drink. Other coconut waters using glass or can packs must all be sterilized for safety. And the products in plastic using high pressure pasteurization are more risky when it comes to bacteria and they must be kept chilled and have very short shelf lives. We believe KOH’s aseptic packing is the best choice for quality yet convenient packaged coconut water.

Why does the color and taste changes?

Why does the color and taste changes? KOH COCONUT is made of baby coconuts. Baby coconuts may appear yellow. This is natural and good to drink. The taste and color may vary in different seasons and harvests. It’s an all natural product.

Is your coconut water comes from Non GMO (genetically modified organisms) coconuts?

KOH is a natural sport drink, healthy and low calorie, KOH COCONUT Water is a real isotonic replenishing your body with electrolytes, potassium and necessary fluids. It’s perfect to drink KOH COCONUT during and after exercise. You can also drink KOH COCONUT anytime, it’s great on it’s own or with your favorite foods. It’s good with meals.

What is the emulsifier in the coconut milk?

Due to coconut milk is rich in coconut fat, emulsifier could help well distribution of fat in liquid, which prevent fat clotted or coagulation in our coconut milk product.


Where does Pink Baby Coconut Water come from?

Pink Baby Coconut Water comes exclusively from the best single organic family farming cooperative in the fabled Amphawa region of Thailand, home to traditional floating markets and special fragrant “Namhom” coconuts. The water from these baby coconuts is distinctively light pink and naturally sweet. The pink color naturally comes from polyphenols found only in Namhom coconut water.

Is Pink Baby Coconut Water natural?

Yes, Pink Baby Coconut Water is 100% natural. It’s naturally pink and naturally sweet, not from concentrate, with no added sugars, no preservatives and no additives.

Why is Pink Baby Coconut Water pink in color?

The pink color comes from naturally occurring phenolic-antioxidant compounds reacting with enzymes of the coconut water. This causes the water of the coconut to turn Pink. These polyphenols are found specially only in “Namhom” coconut water.

Does Pink color safe for drink?

Absolutely, because it is 100% natural it’s completely safe to drink, the pink does not cause any harm to the human body.

Why does Pink Baby Coconut taste so good?

The reason Pink Baby tastes so delicious is because on our journey to create an amazing coconut drink we discovered that the young coconuts grown in the Amphawa district of Samutsongkhram we grown in highly nutritious soil. As well as this, only the highest quality coconuts are selected to make Pink Baby.

How is Pink Baby good for you?

Pink Baby Coconut water is not only Fresh and Delicious but also Nutritious. It is fat free, contains less sugar, and is low calories while being rich in potassium, vitamins and minerals. Pink Baby is a healthier option when compared with other fruit juices. A standard two cup serving size (about a half-liter) of Pink Baby contains zero grams of fat and only 120 calories, while orange and apple juices can contain double the calories.

Should I drink Pink Baby coconut water after a workout?

Sure, Athletes could drink Pink Baby Coconut Water instead of high-sugar or high-caffeine sports or energy drinks; replenish potassium and electrolytes lost during workouts.


What is Tree Top doing to ensure the safety of its products?

To ensure the safety and quality of Tree Top juice, we independently test our products to ensure they are well within the regulatory established safe levels. We continually review our processes to make sure the best technology is being used to deliver fresh, safe products.

Where can I get more information on this subject?

The Juice Products Association has created a website to provide background on the healthy benefits of 100% fruit juice:

Tree Top is committed to the safety and well-being of our customers. We strive every day to ensure all of our products are safe and exceed expectations.

What is the shelf life of your product?

Tree Top implemented the use of Best By dates on its products in early 2007. The shelf life on our products differs by the type of juice or apple sauce, to the size of the container. Please know that the Best By date which is printed (ink jet stamp) on the container will reflect the shelf life through that date, un-opened.

How long can I keep my Tree Top juice after opening?

Tree Top juice does not contain any preservatives, therefore it must be refrigerated after opening. For best quality and freshness we recommend you use within 7 days after opening.


Where do you obtain your ingredients?

All of our supplement ingredients are U.S. based and naturally sourced whenever possible. Independent laboratory testing for purity and potency is performed on every single manufacturing lot. The MeridLIfe Oculara manufacturing facility is cGMP certified and meets the strictest international criteria for hygiene, safety and security.

What vitamins or minerals does Oculara contain?

Oculara contains the carotenoid Lutein to help protect the eyes against the effects of exposure to damaging light. There’s also Lycopene, Beta-Carotene and Provitamin A to help support overall eye health and wellness.

What are probiotics?

Because probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that naturally exist in the digestive tract, there are no major risks associated with their use. Probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria while discouraging the growth of harmful microorganisms.

What are the proven health benefits of probiotics?

There is a good deal of scientific evidence suggesting that probiotics are effective for gastrointestinal problems including: - Diarrhea: Specifically antibiotic associated diarrhea - Irritable Bowel Syndrome. - Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Ulcerative Colitis, Pouchitis and Crohn’s Disease - Food Intolerance - Helicobacter pylori infection.

When is the best time to take probiotics?

The recommended time to take a probiotic capsule is before your morning breakfast with a glass of water.

How should the probiotic be stored after opening?

It’s best to place the bottle in a refrigerator after opening to keep the bacteria strains ‘healthy’ and prolong their viability and efficacy.